Thursday, October 9, 2008

Observations on Copyright Law

I have added a link to the left that discusses many important topics concerning copyright law. Plagiarism is at the top of the list. The site also gets into the fair use guidelines; photocopy machines; copying on the Internet; international problems; and future directions for copyright law. Does anything mentioned grab your attention? Please post your comments.


Alicia said...

Your link has a section that specifically addresses the use of photocopy machines. In the example about the professor that photocopied articles for course students and had the articles bound, would he have been found guilty of copyright infringement if the articles had not be bound?

Carla Brown said...

Whether bound or not, the professor oculd not use the photocopied material without getting permission from the original authors or paying loyalties. It is still copyright infringement.

Jessica Modrzejewski said...

have you found any information about teachers/instructors who copy information,use it in a classroom setting, and then promptly shred the copies -- and this legal?